Christian Wedding
Location and Services

Grace Church hosts weddings both for members of the congregation and community members.

Please call the office for information and to view the facilities. We always enjoy sharing the blessings of Christ’s love with people who are stepping into their future together with Christ’s blessing.
Contact: Marina Tidwell
(310) 559-1027

Location for Films/Television

Built in the the 1940s and ’50s, Grace’s educational and outdoor facilities have been successfully used for film and television locations because of its beautiful brick architecture and decor. The offices and classrooms have recently been renovated in keeping with our traditional look. “Hardwood” floors and fresh paint make the old look new again!

Call the office for more information if you seek a convenient Culver City location.
 (310) 559-1027
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Location for Area Churches

Grace hosts several other Christian congregations who need a small space in which to meet. Some congregations use our sanctuary and some use our educational classrooms or fellowship hall for services and educational programs.
Contact the office for more information:
(310) 559-1027

Meeting Location for Non-Profit Groups in Culver City

Grace has a number of educational rooms, a large fellowship hall with a stage available for use by non-profit groups. Due to legal restrictions, only not-for-profit groups or affiliated local chapters can use our facilities.
Contact the office for more information:
(310) 559-1027